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Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 10-1-490) requires every "person, firm, or partnership, carrying on in this state any trade or business under any trade name or partnership name or other name" to register the trade name of the business with 30 days from "commencing to do business." As provided by law, the registration shall be filed with the Clerk of the Superior Court "of the county in which the business is chiefly carried on or, in the case of a domestic corporation using any name other than its corporate name, in the county of its legal domicile."


The registration statement should provide the name or names and addresses of the person, persons, firm, or partnership owning and carrying on said trade or business" and state 'the nature of the business being carried on and the trade, partnership, or other name used. Upon any change of ownership, a new and amended statement of registration must be filed with the Clerk of Superior Court.


Notice of the filing shall be published in the legal organ, Champion Newspaper. No person, firm, or partnership already registered shall be required to re-register except in the event of a change of ownership.


You are responsible for checking the Trade Name Index Book (located in our office) to confirm availabilty of your chosen Trade Name. There is no refund for duplicate filings. You will have to file  new Trade Name Application and pay a new fee to register another Trade Name.



- Registration Fee: $161.00** plus $40.00 for publishing for a total due of $201.00 payable

  to the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the county where filed.

- Amend Trade Name Information Fee: $161.00**

- Cancel Trade Name Fee: $29.00**.


** Indicatates an increase per House Bill 851 effective May 9, 2016.

All Fees payable by Cash, Money Order, Business Check and Credit Card*.


1.  Select Application below, Complete and Print

Application for Registering Trade Name

Application to Amend Trade Name

Application to Cancel Trade Name


2. Bring Completed Application with Fee to:

Clerk of Superior Court, DeKalb County

556 North McDonough Street

Ground Floor, G-50

Decatur, GA 30030

*Credit card surcharge of 2% fee +$1.00.  



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