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Mental Health Education 


Mental Health and Education

The most respectful way to refer to people is as people.

Whenever possible, use the person's name.


There are times when other language has to be used, particularly when putting things into writing.  Some options you can use that still convey respect include:


To refer to a group of people:

Think about what you're trying to say about the group, who it is you are defining? Are your referring to people with mental illnesses?

•Individuals living with mental health issues

•People with mental illness

•Folks in mental health recovery

•Individuals with a mental health diagnosis


Are you referring to people who are utilizing mental health services?

•People receiving mental health services

•People being served by the mental health system


Are you referring to people who are utilizing your program?

•The people in or program

•The individuals we serve

•The folks we work with


To refer to an individual:

Again, what is it you are trying to convey? That someone has a mental illness?

•lan is working on his mental health recovery

•Cathy has a mental illness

•Lucy is living with mental illness


That someone receives services at your agency?

•Joshua receives services at our agency

•Natalie is one of the people we serve


That someone has a specific diagnosis?

•Alice lives with bipolar disorder

•Nick has depression

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