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Urgent Care Information 

Crisis Response

Crisis & Access Hotlines

For crisis help 24/7,

call 1-800-715-4225

Or Text GCAL to 66746

Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm EST


Call Center clinicians provide brief clinical screening, triage, and service linkage for 25,000 incoming calls per month. Caring, concerned professionals determine the level of service needed and offer the caller a choice of providers. Clinicians connect in real-time to appointments with nearly 200 community mental health center sites.


Mobile Teams

Throughout Metro Atlanta and Coastal Georgia, mobile clinicians assess more than 600 individuals per month at their residence, social service agency, emergency room, or on the street. Our goal is to obtain the least intrusive intervention to maximize the recovery of the person, while minimizing involvement of law enforcement, emergency rooms or inpatient facilities.

211 United Way- This is your first and best resource to find the help you need or to help others.


311 Citizen Help Center- This number is for government information and non-emergency services.


A situation where a person requires prompt but not immediate attention.


Dekalb Central Health Center:


Dekalb County's E-911 Center

Used for Police, FIRE and Medical Emergencies and when a unit needs to respond to an incident.

Local Hospital Emergency Rooms

Dekalb Regional Crisis Center:

Mental Health Emergency

If a person you know is endangering the life or safety of themselves or another person, please contact 911 and then seek additional assistance from BHL.

When contacting BHL, please have the following information ready:


1. Is the individual injured? Has the individual injured another person?


2. Is the individual taking any medications?


3. Is the individual under the care of a phsychiatrist? A Therapist or Counselor? Do you have their name and phone number?

Be Ready With Answers


Authorized Access Only.

Please Enter Passcode:


Please contact Chief Deputy Rick Setser at 404-371-2391.